electric adjustable beds

Electric Adjustable Beds are Practical and Comfortable

Traditional Beds are Sometimes Not Enough

There are two types of beds that you can adjust to fit your comfort level and for medical reasons; manual and electric adjustable beds. The former is what you usually see in Europe in the hospitals over there or in world war II movies. Electric adjustable beds are designed to have either a wired or wireless remote control that used to move either the head or the foot of the bed into position.

There is no doubt that an effective night sleep is only part of what can make your life more healthy, and getting the right electric adjustable beds are a great way to correct sleeping problems. There are few downsides to the electric adjustable bed namely the motor failure and repairs that need to be made after the warranty has expired.

Usually the warranty will last 5 to 10 years and cover parts but only part of the labor. Most makers of adjustable electric beds don’t have repair facilities set up around the country meaning you will be refereed to a sub-contractor. This is where the labor gets expensive and somewhat unreliable.


Electric adjustable beds prices will vary between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on the available features and size you select. Some beds will have massage functionality and others will warm and adjust you automatically. You just need to find one that meets your needs.

Help with Sleeping Disorders

Adjustable electric beds are again a great way to alleviate certain sleeping disorders like sleep apnea and snoring. How does this happen? Pretty simple, the beds adjustable positions keep your body from collapsing on itself which can close airways and make it harder to breath. The hard your lungs and chest have to move to get air into your body the more likely it is that you will snore.

The other great thing about an electric adjustable bed is the ability it gives any given care taker to help you get the care you need. So if you need to sit up in order to get medicine or take a shot the bed can make it much easier for your doctor to administer the care needed.

Adjustable electric beds are often used very lightly in care taking situations which means you can usually get your hands on a used one that doesn’t have very much real life usage put into it. This can of course help off set the normally high electric adjustable beds prices.


This is a brief discussion of electric adjustable beds but hopefully it will give you an idea of the sort of benefits that having such a bed can provide. Yes, they are expensive, but then your bed is where you spend a significant part of your life and given all that we know about the importance of a good nights sleep, then maybe the cost isn’t so great after all.

Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

Cat trees that look like trees are wood structures which have several platforms for a cat to jump, play or rest on. These cat trees are important because they provide a space for the cats to scratch. Cats usually scratch on wood surfaces, cushions and carpets in the house to designate their territory, keep their claws in perfect shape, exercise and relieve stress. Cat owners perceive this habit as a menace because in the process their things including antiques and the expensive ones are destroyed. On the other hand, the tree house prevents the cat from jumping around the house and accidentally breaking valuable things.

Make Your Cat Tree Natural

Cat Trees That Look Like TreesCat trees that look like trees give a more intriguing, stimulating and satisfying opportunity when compared to the other cat trees. This enables the feline to comfortably exhibit their natural instincts like exploring and investigating thereby enabling them to have fun in a safer manner. Moreover, the activities carried out on the cat tree enable the cat to remain healthy and keep in check its behavior. Furthermore, these types of cat trees add more beauty to the house as they act like a unique natural decoration.

Personalized Cat Furniture

Unlike a few decades ago when the cat trees that look like trees were fads nowadays they are quite popular. Thousands of cat owners search the market for these kinds of cat houses. Conversely, almost all the pet stores sell cat trees. In order to retain market control the pet stores sell unique cat houses that are personalized with whichever attributes cat owners may demand. Mostly, the cat houses are personalized to have the preferences of a particular cat. This is because not all cats are the same. Some like height while others just like to lie around. Others prefer to stay in dark corners while others love to stay in the living room with the rest of the family members.

Make Your Own Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree

The most common cat trees that look like trees include a life-like tree attached to a cat house. This is made from a log that is attached to branches with silk leaves. This provides a unique scratching space for the cats. The log is also attached to square platforms that the cats can use as climbing stairs or places for napping and resting. At the bottom of the log there is a tree house which acts as the base as well as providing the cat with privacy while sleeping. Cat owners with more than one cat should invest in such a cat tree.

oil filled heater

Why Oil Radiators are a Great Space Heater Option

Oil radiator space heaters are portable space heater units that incorporate an element that heats a reservoir of oil. The oil in the heater sits within a radiator shaped case and in turn warms the air around the radiator through convection.

girl is sitting near oil heater
Oil Filled Heaters are a Blessing

Oil filled radiators actually act somewhat like a central heating radiator but are filled with oil and each heater comes together with an electric heating element. Most people who are familiar with electric heaters know that these oil radiator heaters are a popular choice because they tend to be safer to use than other popular portable space heater options such as fan forced systems especially in their home attics. This is discussed in more detail below.

Oil Radiator Heaters – One Room Heating Solutions

While there are many benefits you can derive from using electric heaters in your homes, some of them posed some dangers compared with others while using them. However electric radiant heaters are not only safe to use but they are very effective too. Oil radiator space heaters are what I’m referring to and they are especially popular to provide one-room heating solutions in your office and home.

If you have used other electric heaters in your home, you would probably know what is the best electric heater you have encountered. You would know too that the oil radiator heaters comparatively are much silent when in use. This is because oil radiators use a heating element to warm the oil while it poses no risks of any burning if anyone or your dog accidentally touches it.

Most oil filled radiators as they are commonly known too, can heat up a space of a 5 x 8 foot bathroom requiring the oil radiator heater to be plugged into a 110 volts circuit. It could also heat up your bedroom measuring 12 x 13 square feet. For a normal sized living room, it just takes two of such oil heaters to do the job. Air heats up and the heater ensures it reaches the whole room and even to your feet under the desk.

Modern attractive designs

There is another noticeable difference between your other electric heaters and the oil radiator heaters and that is the size of the oil heater. Your oil radiators are quite heavy and because of this they usually come with wheels so as to allow them to be easily moved from one place to another in your home. It has a thermostat so that it can switch off the power supply automatically when the desired room temperature has been reached, preset by you of course.


There is a lot more to say about the different types of electric heater, especially those which are the most efficient space heaters. We like them a lot, but there is no room here to discuss them fully. There are a number of different site which discuss space heater efficiency more fully, such as this post here.

Oil Radiator Heaters – Provide Better Safety

Many people who prefer to use electric heater will most certainly like oil radiator heaters mainly because it is a safer alternative type of home electric heater. This is mainly so since the heating element is well concealed in the unit.

Even recent oil radiator heaters reviews found it to be a perfect choice for homes with small children running in the house and that oil radiator heaters offer a lot more safety compared to other conventional space heaters.

Take a Peek Inside an Oil Filled Heater

Have a look at the components and make up of an oil filled heater.

Frontline Spot On for Cats

Frontline spot on for cats is a revolutionary pesticide that completely treats flea and tick infestation. It also has the ability of curbing the re-infestation for at least a month. Moreover, it is very easy to use the pesticide. It is mainly packed in a plastic blister shaped like a pipette. To apply it one needs to squeeze everything in the pipette on the skin of the cat.

Whats in the Box?

A box of the pesticide contains six containers however, individuals can buy three containers if they so desire, though buying the six packs is cheaper than buying the three packs. The six packs should be used for six months where the treatment is repeated after every month. As a result, Frontline is cost effective. In fact, per year individuals only require to buy one six pack. This is because it will pretty much cater for the need of a pesticide during summer and spring. During winter and autumn tick and flea infestation rarely occurs.

Apply Properly

For effective results, individuals should try as much as possible to apply the medicine on the skin rather than on the fur. The content disperses to the rest of the body within a short period of time. Frontline spot on for cats usually requires about 24 hours for it to eliminate all the ticks and fleas on the cat or those that are exposed to the cat. This implies that even the fleas and ticks that manage to jump from the cat’s fur before the end of 24 hours eventually die. This is because even with slight contact of this pesticide its effect will be felt. Once the pests absorb the pesticide it acts on their nervous system thereby hyper activating them a factor that accelerates their death.

On the other hand, after application the pesticide is absorbed by the oil glands in the subcutaneous layer of the cat’s skin. This explains why frontline has a long lasting effect. The absorbed content is released to the surface of the skin and fur via the hair strands in a continuous time interval. In addition frontline spot on for cats can be used to eliminate the infestation of fleas, lice and ticks on any cat provided it is aged above eight weeks. This also applies to lactating and pregnant cats. Moreover, it is very easy to come across this pesticide.

Where to Get Your Frontline

Almost every pet store both online and offline sell it. In fact, due to its huge demand it is stocked in large quantities. On the other hand, most of the online pet stores sell it at affordable prices thereby enabling individuals to save a few bucks. This is quite a rare opportunity especially with the grave consequences emanated by the economic crunch. However, for effective results the pest treatment carried out on the cat should go hand in hand with the indoor and outdoor pest treatment. The type of pesticide selected should be harmless in fact, the use of organic compounds is mostly recommended. Conversely, it is important to remember that the pesticides used indoors cannot be used to effectively irradiated tics and fleas located outside.