Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity Unit

Bathroom Vanity Unit Designs

One thing that many of us are guilty of when it comes to designing our own living space is making too many compromises. Certainly we have to keep within our budgets, but when we start inconveniencing ourselves for the sake of a few dollars, we usually end up regretting the decision later. We probably all know someone who seems to constantly be in the middle of some kind of remodeling project. How much easier would it be to just decide to do things right the first time?

Do you have a keen eye for detail? Do you notice how a tall person who looks into a small mirror that accommodates only the upper half of his body and unfortunately even excludes his forehead, has to bend down to make  his entire facial reflection visible?

Was there an instance in a public toilet wherein you had to tiptoe just to see your face in the wall mirror? You can probably tolerate a minor inconvenience like this if you only have to experience it a few times, but if it happens every single morning when you go to the bathroom to wash your face or do your makeup, then that is something that you should  remedy by finding a practical solution to the dilemma. It is either you have the mirror re-installed or you buy a bigger and better bathroom vanity unit.

An essential item found in the bathroom is the vanity unit. It is a design element that consist of a mirror, shelves and cabinets for every type of bathroom paraphernalia that you might need such as towels, toothbrushes, makeup kits, curling irons, etc. It can be incorporated into the design of the lavatory or it can be a separate unit that you can buy ready made from any hardware and home improvement store.

It can also be custom-made by suppliers to fit the proportions of the lavatory below it. In a large bathroom, a vanity unit can be entirely separate from the lavatory in the sense that it contains a full-length mirror with cabinets and drawers on each side and its own lighting fixture built-in above the mirror. The design of your own bathroom vanity unit will depend on your own personal preference, the size of your bathroom and the interior scheme of your space.

The various designs of the vanity unit in your bathroom are distinguished based on their form and the materials used in their fabrication. The surface can be made of marble and granite similar to the countertops in your kitchen. The bottom cabinets can be made of solid wood such as oak and walnut. The mirror of the vanity unit can be framed in wood akin to the ones used in the bottom cabinets or it could be made in an entirely different material such as steel and beveled glass.

The prices for these vanity units range from low-end up to the very high-end ones that use superb materials and are designed with excellent craftsmanship. You do not have to splurge on this item because you can use other alternative materials that can make a functional and stylish vanity unit and yet, genuine granite countertops and a full-length mirror with elaborate carvings is not such a bad idea if you want to have the bathroom of your dreams.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Units

bathroom vanity unit tipsThe classification of bathroom vanity units depend on materials and price. If you want to find the appropriate one that will fit your bathroom perfectly then consider these different types. The units might look very appealing on their own but you have to be certain that when they are incorporated to your bathroom interior, they will match and will look like they were designed and planned at the same time as your entire bathroom. It is also important that the size of the units in reference to the people using the bathroom will be proportionate.

Natural stone such as granite, quartzite and marble are just a few of the natural materials that can be used as countertops for the vanity unit. They are the most expensive types of materials but they are very durable and easy to maintain. The mirror frames and cabinets can be made of wood, textured glass and metal.

If you find natural stones to be outside of your budget then you can opt to use synthetic ones that resemble the real ones but are cheaper and more durable because of artificial treatments applied to them. Natural and synthetic stone vanity units are usually customized, thus giving you an opportunity to select the finishes and the combinations of materials that you like the best. They also do not stick with one standard design.

You can have your personal say on how they will be built. You have to request an on-site measurement of your bathroom by the supplier and then you can specify your design requirements so they can fabricate the vanity unit that you want.

Wood bathroom vanity units have a rich elegance that can suit a marble-dominated bathroom or a modern and sleek one with granite tiles and wood accents. The fabrication of the wood vanity units is quite similar to that of kitchen counter cabinets. However, vanity units made of wood can have wood surface tops just as long as they are wiped dry every time water spills out from the sink.

The wood material is treated accordingly for this purpose. The more durable ones are made from wood veneer and engineered wood. They can withstand water elements better than solid wood materials. You can go for an all-wood look including the frame of the mirror, but a bit of variety in materials will make the vanity unit more updated and interesting.

A vanity unit made of wood can have glass doors and metal surface tops. You can mix and match the materials and even make a custom request for traditional carvings or moldings if you want it to look like a classic piece.

Bathroom vanity units made of glass introduce a new kind of sophistication and modernization. These can showcase streamlined designs and if paired with stainless steel, achieves a straightforward and edgy look. They are suitable for large bathrooms and will make the area appear continuous.  The design elements may appear to be floating when used in small bathrooms, which will give the illusion of widening the space by their transparent or translucent quality.

PVC bathroom vanity units are the most inexpensive ones that you’ll find in the market. They are ready-made to fit in a small area. They are bought separate from the lavatory and some of them are small and compact. They are appropriate only for temporary use and will have a hard time fitting in within a well-designed bathroom.