Copper Landscape Lighting For Your Garden

There are few times more enjoyable than inviting friends over to your home and spending a lovely evening out on your patio, with a gently warming patio heater and a bbq. But one other thing that makes enjoying this time more perfect is if you install some subtle but effective garden lighting so your guests can really appreciate your home.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are many choices, finishes, styles, and manufactures to select from. As you make are making your outdoor light purchasing decision, you should begin with basing your decision on the exterior design of your home.

What decor theme does your home display? Whether it is a country style or ultra modern style, choosing lights that compliment this look is important. A natural and yet elegant look can easily be achieved with copper landscape lighting.

Check out other homes or places of business who choose a copper finish for their exterior lighting fixtures and outdoor garden lights. This color provides a home with an elegant, sophisticated and stylish appearance.

Although these fixtures are made of aluminum or an alternate type of metal material base and are not really made of solid copper, they still provide a copper look. Being that the lights are not made of pure copper, they are less expensive to purchase. However, if your budget allows you to purchase pure copper lighting, this option is available as well.

Painted copper lighting is affordable enough for those who are on a tight budget and still achieve a rich bold appearance to their backyard garden area. Adding this tint of color is a perfect accent solution for just about any home exterior lighting project. Take a look through a home and garden magazine or make a quick stop at your local hardware store to see a variety of copper lighting options that are awaiting your discovery.

Outdoor copper lighting is a perfect addition to areas in your yard where that need for extra lighting is desired. Whether you choose electric garden lights or solar garden lights, the option to choose a copper finish is available. Copper gives off a completely different appearance than that of another color or finish. Being that copper is a rich and bold color, this feeling is felt as you glance around your garden area.

Considering the use of copper landscape lighting is a great choice for many outdoor garden areas. If you are unsure that copper is right for your newly landscaped area, perhaps it would be best for you to purchase a single unit just to see if the copper attracts the attention you desire.

One thing to consider before you purchase a whole set of copper lights for your garden is will withstand the various weather elements. Dull and distressed copper lights that cannot be cleaned will totally defeat the purpose of installing the lights in the first place. Check with the manufacturer’s warranty to make sure that they guarantee the quality of their product.

Enjoying that newly landscaped yard or garden area can be fulfilled with the installation of copper landscaped lighting. Purchase the garden lights that you desire today and begin enjoying these lights this evening.

Bedroom Closet Organizers Create Space

How is it possible to create space where none seems to exist? Bedroom closet organizers do just that. After learning about the basics of closet organizing and space saving, it constantly surprises me when space is used badly and wasted. Closets are a great example.

You have space from floor to ceiling and most basic closets only contain a rod and if you’re lucky, one shelf. This is an utter waste of space. You end up hanging short and long articles of clothing on the same rod with different amounts of empty space under each item.

Imagine the simple task of organizing all the shorter items together, like shirts and pants, and installing a rod high up towards the ceiling for infrequently used clothing and a lower rod that almost touches the floor for more frequently used items. You will have just doubled your hanging space by simply using your space differently.

The placement of hanging rods is just one way to create more space. Closet organizers have many compartments and different sized hanging spaces which forces you to organize your clothes according to their size.

Utilizing this system ensures that every bit of space in your closet is used. This is the same concept of a book shelf that has shelves at different heights. You are forced to put the larger books on the shelves with the most space between them and shorter books on the shelves that are closer together.

These types of closet organization systems are a great way to conserve space and use every available inch; absolutely no space is ever wasted.

Since many people are trying to cut back and limit their spending, renovations are out of the question. You can have the extra space you need however without costly construction. Use your eyes to view your closets or any area in your home for that matter, in a different way.

Keep your eyes out for unused space and you may be able to add a lot more storage with a very small investment. A closet organizer doesn’t even have to be an officially constructed set that you buy in a closet store. If you are on a budget, use shelves from an old bookshelf to attach to the inside of your closet.

You can buy clothing rods very cheaply in a hardware store and have them cut to size and attach them yourself. If you are looking for bedroom furniture for adults or bedroom furniture for kids, make sure it contains some storage space.

For example, beds with drawers underneath create a lot more space to put things. By spending only a few dollars, you will have constructed your own closet organizer system that will create plenty more space in your closet.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

These memory foams have visco-elastic properties which gives them their unique ability to reconfigure themselves to distribute pressure by responding to body heat and weight. This allows them to give unsurpassed ability to support a sleeping body evenly. If you are still sitting on the fence undecided about using a memory foam perhaps these are some questions you need to ask.

Question 1: Do I need a memory foam mattress topper?

Answer: Nope not really, you do not “need it” per se unless you are immobilized on your bed for a long time. However a memory foam will help you get better sleep for obvious reasons (elimination of pressure points, less stress on the spine etc).

Sleeping is important, we sleep about a third of our life so making that part of our life comfortable should be a good reason to get one. Plus a goodnight sleep can do wonders to improving the waking part of your life too.

Question 2: Can I afford one?

Answer: Memory foam mattress toppers are not as expensive as they use to be, in fact with improvement in technology, increasing production and greater competition there has been a steady drop in its prices.

Although prices vary considerably depending on thickness, density, additional features etc there are memory foams available to suit just about any reasonable budget.

Question 3: With pets or small children who could wet the bed, is it suitable?

Answer: This is a little difficult to answer. If you have small babies or toddlers using memory foam is not advisable. If you use waterproof covers for your memory foam mattress topper then accidents or spills are not an issue.

Also memory foams can be cleaned or even washed, although doing this can be difficult and you will need to research the methods to clean them.

Question 4: Is a memory foam mattress topper enough to get the benefits of memory foam?

Answer: Memory foam mattress topper can be used on any other type of existing mattress and it is not necessary to have a memory foam mattress to get its benefits. To get the best benefit out of a memory foam mattress topper about 4-5 inch thick topper is sufficient.

Do note that this does depend on the density as well too. With better quality manufacturing these days, 3-4lbs of density is quite sufficient.

Question 5: Are memory foam mattress toppers durable?

This again depends on the quality of the foam you purchase, however it should be of interest to you to know that memory foams are actually the second toughest material out there used for manufacturing mattress or mattress toppers. Memory foams do last for years and most good ones come with a warranty of over 15-20 years.


Plastic Storage Boxes Buying Guide

Do you have loads of stuff spilling over into your living area?

Are you ready to sort it out and get organised?

First you need to decide on what to keep and either throw out or give away the rest. Try not to store and containerize clutter – after all what would be the point?

Next you need to check out what’s available in terms of plastic storage boxes.

They come in so many sizes and colors, the choice can seem overwhelming but plastic storage boxes are worth the effort.

They are the ideal storage solution for anything and everything in your home or office.

They are the best way to organise and manage your belongings everywhere from a room, to a cupboard to the garage.

They can also be used to carry items around.

Being organised has many benefits. If everything has a home, then you know exactly where to put it away. You will also spend less time finding it again when needed. Do whatever it takes to be happy and efficient in your environment.

Points to consider before shopping for plastic storage boxes


What do you need to store?

It is no good buying 10 of the first storage boxes you come across – that may be way too many or too few. Once full they may be too heavy to move or they may be not full enough to stack. First you need to know what you are trying to store and how much of it there is so gather it together and pile it up in one place. Try and organise it as you go into items that will be stored together such as clothes, papers, photos and shoes.  You should now have an idea of how many boxes of what size you need to fit each separate pile you have made.

What color boxes do you want?

This may seem a silly question and you may be thinking ‘Clear of course. Why have anything else?’, ‘Pink for my little girls’ room.’ or ‘I’ll see what takes my fancy when I start shopping’.  But color can be important for two reasons: (i) if the storage boxes will be on show they will want to match in with surrounding decor and (ii) color can help with organisation of the boxes so they are easier to find in the future. Say Jimmy’s boxes could be blue, Sara’s yellow, or Christmas decorations could be in a red one and old photos in a green one. The only drawback of colored storage bins over clear ones is that they cannot be seen through unless translucent so you have to open them all to find something and they may be harder to match up if you need to buy more in the future.

What size storage box do you need?

It is best to buy large plastic storage boxes unless (i) it is a waste of money because the items you have will rattle around in it or (ii) your items are heavy in which case you will not be able to move the box once full.  Large boxes of cuddly toys are fine but not so full of books. You also need to know where these boxes will be stored. Garage spaces can usually accommodate any sized box, but under bed storage will require a special sized box.  Measure your storage area before you start shopping.

Advantages of plastic storage boxes

  • They are versatile so can be used to store anything from office supplies to kids toys for the short or long term.
  • They come in every size you could possibly need, so you can store tiny beads or buttons as well as bulky bedding and jumpers.
  • They come in clear or colored plastic, so they can be decorative if need be.
  • They are waterproof and won’t rust or corrode.

Types of plastic storage box

There are many different types of storage box. Many are for general use in the home, office, garage or workshop but some have been made with more specific uses in mind such as:

Plastic shoe storage boxes – these are the perfect size for storing dress shoes, athletic shoes, boots, galoshes and more.

Plastic file storage boxes – hold letter-size hanging files.

Plastic food storage boxes – can be airtight for food preservation. Reclosable poly bags are another popular and useful option for food storage.

Plastic CD storage boxes (or DVD) – are the perfect size for organizing and storing your CDs/DVDs.

Plastic underbed storage boxes – are of slim designs so that you can maximize unused storage space under the bed. If you can find ones with center hinges you will have easy access to contents without having to open the entire box. Also look out for those with wheels for easier mobility.

Plastic photo storage boxes – usually include photo cases that each hold sets of standard sized photos. The cases are acid free and feature rounded corners and edges to protect the photos.

Plastic craft storage boxes – craft boxes come in varying sizes but for smaller items, cases with many compartments can be found. Some have open compartments and some contain little boxes that can be closed individually.


School boxes – these organiser type boxes are ideal for school or home. They contain dividers for items such as pens, pencils, crayons and rulers or larger boxes can hold bulkier items such as staplers and glue.

Garden or deck boxes – these rugged boxes are ideal for in or outdoors. They are usually large, lockable and made of tough materials that won’t chip, crack or peel. Some even come with lids designed as seats.


Storage trunks – these large heavy duty plastic storage boxes can accommodate larger items. They usually come with wheels to aid mobility as well as secure latches.

Storage drawers – these stacking drawer systems of either 2, 3 or 4 drawers are ideal for a variety of uses and come in varying sizes such as mini and wide options. Drawer carts have the added benefit of wheels to make them rolling storage options as well as solid side walls on some versions to hide clutter.

Multi drawer towers
– these stacking systems are ideal for craft or workshop areas as they contain a mixture of small and large drawers so items of different sizes can be easily sorted and stored.

Important features to look for

Hinged plastic storage boxes – lids attached to the box with hinges means you have easy access to the inside without misplacing it when opened. They also help to keep the container securely closed.

Lockable plastic storage boxes – some boxes will accept standard sized padlocks to help ensure the security of your belongings. Others feature snap-locks that secure boxes quickly and easily.

Plastic storage boxes with lids – look for sturdy lids that will support the boxes that will be stacking on top of it.

Stackable plastic storage boxes – lids with an indented surface area make for better stability when stacking multiple units. You need stackable boxes so you can store objects while saving space.

Clear plastic storage boxes – clear sides, bottoms or tops make for ideal viewing windows when trying to identify what is in each box without having to remove the lid.

Cheap plastic storage boxes – to try and save yourself some money when purchasing these boxes try (i) to go direct to the manufacturer such as, (ii) search at online auctions such as but watch out for high shipping costs or (iii) use large online retailers such as

Plastic storage boxes with wheels – large boxes need wheels so you can easily move heavy loads around.

Plastic storage boxes with handles – generous handles allow easy gripping when trying to maneuver boxes around. Ensure handles are comfortable and sturdy so that they won’t break or crack in the future. Containers where the handle is built into the box and the lid, rather than just the lid, are best.

Waterproof, dent and crack resistant boxes – are necessary for boxes that will be stored outdoors.

Recycled plastic boxes – are available for the environmentally conscious.

Tips for using plastic storage boxes

  • To remove any labels that come on your storage boxes, either use a non-acetone nail polish remover, olive oil or other cooking oil.
  • Always label your boxes ideally with a packing list so that you can find things easily in the future.
  • Wash your clothes before putting them away in storage boxes as moths are attracted to food stains and perspiration.
  • Keep small children away from them, especially those with lids, as they can climb into them and become stuck.


Popular manufacturers include Iris, Sterilite and Rubbermaid plastic storage boxes.


Most plastic storage boxes or sets of boxes cost under $25 but larger, more durable boxes can cost over $200.

How are plastic storage boxes made?

Most plastic storage boxes are made using an injection molding process. Plastic pellets are mixed and melted with concentrated color pellets until they are combined into a near liquid form. This is then forced into a mold generally made of steel. The plastic is cooled back to a solid state by pumping cold water through the mold. Once cool, the mold is removed and the storage box is then packed and shipped off to a store near you.


With so many different storage boxes available to you, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Get the most of your boxes by being specific about your needs up front. Make sure you know what you need to store and where you are going to store it.  You are then ready to buy the best boxes for your requirements.

Short Intro to Folding Mattresses

There are many benefits of having a folding mattress as they provide an instant and welcoming bed for visitors who you want to feel at home. Folding mattresses come in several styles, one of these is the basic folding mattress that folds into three separate sections which are piled one on top of the other as you would fold a business sized letter into an envelope.

Another type is that of the folding mattress which simply folds in half and doesn’t have as much flexibility. Because the folding mattress is constructed of heavy foam and coils it is not as malleable as those folding mattress which are made completely of foam material.

These mattresses are very versatile in their use and can be used on trips or for those occasional visitors to your home. These mattresses store with ease and they really come in handy. One unique way to use this mattress is by having only one side of the mattress open creating an instant stool for you to stretch out your legs on. Even hotels have a folding mattress in reserve for those guests who need an additional bed in one of the rooms.

The foam construction of the folding mattress may not be the most comfortable but it is actually designed to withstand numerous times of being folded and unfolded. Another negative aspect of this mattress is that is does not typically come in the standard sizing found in most beds. Folding mattresses are usually smaller than that of a common twin bed so the average set of sheets will probably not fit very well.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $250 for these beds with those at the upper price range being of better quality. You can find better deals on folding mattresses by purchasing them online.

Your local furniture store typically will not have this item in stock and an online store will normally not charge you for shipping this item. Online shipping will also facilitate your ability to comparison shop by allowing you to read reviews and prices of the various brands available.

Absolute Comfort folding mattress shows the Absolute Comfort folding mattress as getting the best reviews. Typically this particular brand sells for about $250 but you can usually get it at a discount for about $185. For those nights when you need an alternative sleeping arrangement due to sickness or snoring, this American made comfortable foam bed is a great solution.

bathroom vanity unit

Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity Unit

Bathroom Vanity Unit Designs

One thing that many of us are guilty of when it comes to designing our own living space is making too many compromises. Certainly we have to keep within our budgets, but when we start inconveniencing ourselves for the sake of a few dollars, we usually end up regretting the decision later. We probably all know someone who seems to constantly be in the middle of some kind of remodeling project. How much easier would it be to just decide to do things right the first time?

Do you have a keen eye for detail? Do you notice how a tall person who looks into a small mirror that accommodates only the upper half of his body and unfortunately even excludes his forehead, has to bend down to make  his entire facial reflection visible?

Was there an instance in a public toilet wherein you had to tiptoe just to see your face in the wall mirror? You can probably tolerate a minor inconvenience like this if you only have to experience it a few times, but if it happens every single morning when you go to the bathroom to wash your face or do your makeup, then that is something that you should  remedy by finding a practical solution to the dilemma. It is either you have the mirror re-installed or you buy a bigger and better bathroom vanity unit.

An essential item found in the bathroom is the vanity unit. It is a design element that consist of a mirror, shelves and cabinets for every type of bathroom paraphernalia that you might need such as towels, toothbrushes, makeup kits, curling irons, etc. It can be incorporated into the design of the lavatory or it can be a separate unit that you can buy ready made from any hardware and home improvement store.

It can also be custom-made by suppliers to fit the proportions of the lavatory below it. In a large bathroom, a vanity unit can be entirely separate from the lavatory in the sense that it contains a full-length mirror with cabinets and drawers on each side and its own lighting fixture built-in above the mirror. The design of your own bathroom vanity unit will depend on your own personal preference, the size of your bathroom and the interior scheme of your space.

The various designs of the vanity unit in your bathroom are distinguished based on their form and the materials used in their fabrication. The surface can be made of marble and granite similar to the countertops in your kitchen. The bottom cabinets can be made of solid wood such as oak and walnut. The mirror of the vanity unit can be framed in wood akin to the ones used in the bottom cabinets or it could be made in an entirely different material such as steel and beveled glass.

The prices for these vanity units range from low-end up to the very high-end ones that use superb materials and are designed with excellent craftsmanship. You do not have to splurge on this item because you can use other alternative materials that can make a functional and stylish vanity unit and yet, genuine granite countertops and a full-length mirror with elaborate carvings is not such a bad idea if you want to have the bathroom of your dreams.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Units

bathroom vanity unit tipsThe classification of bathroom vanity units depend on materials and price. If you want to find the appropriate one that will fit your bathroom perfectly then consider these different types. The units might look very appealing on their own but you have to be certain that when they are incorporated to your bathroom interior, they will match and will look like they were designed and planned at the same time as your entire bathroom. It is also important that the size of the units in reference to the people using the bathroom will be proportionate.

Natural stone such as granite, quartzite and marble are just a few of the natural materials that can be used as countertops for the vanity unit. They are the most expensive types of materials but they are very durable and easy to maintain. The mirror frames and cabinets can be made of wood, textured glass and metal.

If you find natural stones to be outside of your budget then you can opt to use synthetic ones that resemble the real ones but are cheaper and more durable because of artificial treatments applied to them. Natural and synthetic stone vanity units are usually customized, thus giving you an opportunity to select the finishes and the combinations of materials that you like the best. They also do not stick with one standard design.

You can have your personal say on how they will be built. You have to request an on-site measurement of your bathroom by the supplier and then you can specify your design requirements so they can fabricate the vanity unit that you want.

Wood bathroom vanity units have a rich elegance that can suit a marble-dominated bathroom or a modern and sleek one with granite tiles and wood accents. The fabrication of the wood vanity units is quite similar to that of kitchen counter cabinets. However, vanity units made of wood can have wood surface tops just as long as they are wiped dry every time water spills out from the sink.

The wood material is treated accordingly for this purpose. The more durable ones are made from wood veneer and engineered wood. They can withstand water elements better than solid wood materials. You can go for an all-wood look including the frame of the mirror, but a bit of variety in materials will make the vanity unit more updated and interesting.

A vanity unit made of wood can have glass doors and metal surface tops. You can mix and match the materials and even make a custom request for traditional carvings or moldings if you want it to look like a classic piece.

Bathroom vanity units made of glass introduce a new kind of sophistication and modernization. These can showcase streamlined designs and if paired with stainless steel, achieves a straightforward and edgy look. They are suitable for large bathrooms and will make the area appear continuous.  The design elements may appear to be floating when used in small bathrooms, which will give the illusion of widening the space by their transparent or translucent quality.

PVC bathroom vanity units are the most inexpensive ones that you’ll find in the market. They are ready-made to fit in a small area. They are bought separate from the lavatory and some of them are small and compact. They are appropriate only for temporary use and will have a hard time fitting in within a well-designed bathroom.

electric adjustable beds

Electric Adjustable Beds are Practical and Comfortable

Traditional Beds are Sometimes Not Enough

There are two types of beds that you can adjust to fit your comfort level and for medical reasons; manual and electric adjustable beds. The former is what you usually see in Europe in the hospitals over there or in world war II movies. Electric adjustable beds are designed to have either a wired or wireless remote control that used to move either the head or the foot of the bed into position.

There is no doubt that an effective night sleep is only part of what can make your life more healthy, and getting the right electric adjustable beds are a great way to correct sleeping problems. There are few downsides to the electric adjustable bed namely the motor failure and repairs that need to be made after the warranty has expired.

Usually the warranty will last 5 to 10 years and cover parts but only part of the labor. Most makers of adjustable electric beds don’t have repair facilities set up around the country meaning you will be refereed to a sub-contractor. This is where the labor gets expensive and somewhat unreliable.


Electric adjustable beds prices will vary between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on the available features and size you select. Some beds will have massage functionality and others will warm and adjust you automatically. You just need to find one that meets your needs.

Help with Sleeping Disorders

Adjustable electric beds are again a great way to alleviate certain sleeping disorders like sleep apnea and snoring. How does this happen? Pretty simple, the beds adjustable positions keep your body from collapsing on itself which can close airways and make it harder to breath. The hard your lungs and chest have to move to get air into your body the more likely it is that you will snore.

The other great thing about an electric adjustable bed is the ability it gives any given care taker to help you get the care you need. So if you need to sit up in order to get medicine or take a shot the bed can make it much easier for your doctor to administer the care needed.

Adjustable electric beds are often used very lightly in care taking situations which means you can usually get your hands on a used one that doesn’t have very much real life usage put into it. This can of course help off set the normally high electric adjustable beds prices.


This is a brief discussion of electric adjustable beds but hopefully it will give you an idea of the sort of benefits that having such a bed can provide. Yes, they are expensive, but then your bed is where you spend a significant part of your life and given all that we know about the importance of a good nights sleep, then maybe the cost isn’t so great after all.

oil filled heater

Why Oil Radiators are a Great Space Heater Option

Oil radiator space heaters are portable space heater units that incorporate an element that heats a reservoir of oil. The oil in the heater sits within a radiator shaped case and in turn warms the air around the radiator through convection.

girl is sitting near oil heater
Oil Filled Heaters are a Blessing

Oil filled radiators actually act somewhat like a central heating radiator but are filled with oil and each heater comes together with an electric heating element. Most people who are familiar with electric heaters know that these oil radiator heaters are a popular choice because they tend to be safer to use than other popular portable space heater options such as fan forced systems especially in their home attics. This is discussed in more detail below.

Oil Radiator Heaters – One Room Heating Solutions

While there are many benefits you can derive from using electric heaters in your homes, some of them posed some dangers compared with others while using them. However electric radiant heaters are not only safe to use but they are very effective too. Oil radiator space heaters are what I’m referring to and they are especially popular to provide one-room heating solutions in your office and home.

If you have used other electric heaters in your home, you would probably know what is the best electric heater you have encountered. You would know too that the oil radiator heaters comparatively are much silent when in use. This is because oil radiators use a heating element to warm the oil while it poses no risks of any burning if anyone or your dog accidentally touches it.

Most oil filled radiators as they are commonly known too, can heat up a space of a 5 x 8 foot bathroom requiring the oil radiator heater to be plugged into a 110 volts circuit. It could also heat up your bedroom measuring 12 x 13 square feet. For a normal sized living room, it just takes two of such oil heaters to do the job. Air heats up and the heater ensures it reaches the whole room and even to your feet under the desk.

Modern attractive designs

There is another noticeable difference between your other electric heaters and the oil radiator heaters and that is the size of the oil heater. Your oil radiators are quite heavy and because of this they usually come with wheels so as to allow them to be easily moved from one place to another in your home. It has a thermostat so that it can switch off the power supply automatically when the desired room temperature has been reached, preset by you of course.


There is a lot more to say about the different types of electric heater, especially those which are the most efficient space heaters. We like them a lot, but there is no room here to discuss them fully. There are a number of different site which discuss space heater efficiency more fully, such as this post here.

Oil Radiator Heaters – Provide Better Safety

Many people who prefer to use electric heater will most certainly like oil radiator heaters mainly because it is a safer alternative type of home electric heater. This is mainly so since the heating element is well concealed in the unit.

Even recent oil radiator heaters reviews found it to be a perfect choice for homes with small children running in the house and that oil radiator heaters offer a lot more safety compared to other conventional space heaters.

Take a Peek Inside an Oil Filled Heater

Have a look at the components and make up of an oil filled heater.