Bedroom Closet Organizers Create Space

How is it possible to create space where none seems to exist? Bedroom closet organizers do just that. After learning about the basics of closet organizing and space saving, it constantly surprises me when space is used badly and wasted. Closets are a great example.

You have space from floor to ceiling and most basic closets only contain a rod and if you’re lucky, one shelf. This is an utter waste of space. You end up hanging short and long articles of clothing on the same rod with different amounts of empty space under each item.

Imagine the simple task of organizing all the shorter items together, like shirts and pants, and installing a rod high up towards the ceiling for infrequently used clothing and a lower rod that almost touches the floor for more frequently used items. You will have just doubled your hanging space by simply using your space differently.

The placement of hanging rods is just one way to create more space. Closet organizers have many compartments and different sized hanging spaces which forces you to organize your clothes according to their size.

Utilizing this system ensures that every bit of space in your closet is used. This is the same concept of a book shelf that has shelves at different heights. You are forced to put the larger books on the shelves with the most space between them and shorter books on the shelves that are closer together.

These types of closet organization systems are a great way to conserve space and use every available inch; absolutely no space is ever wasted.

Since many people are trying to cut back and limit their spending, renovations are out of the question. You can have the extra space you need however without costly construction. Use your eyes to view your closets or any area in your home for that matter, in a different way.

Keep your eyes out for unused space and you may be able to add a lot more storage with a very small investment. A closet organizer doesn’t even have to be an officially constructed set that you buy in a closet store. If you are on a budget, use shelves from an old bookshelf to attach to the inside of your closet.

You can buy clothing rods very cheaply in a hardware store and have them cut to size and attach them yourself. If you are looking for bedroom furniture for adults or bedroom furniture for kids, make sure it contains some storage space.

For example, beds with drawers underneath create a lot more space to put things. By spending only a few dollars, you will have constructed your own closet organizer system that will create plenty more space in your closet.

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