5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

These memory foams have visco-elastic properties which gives them their unique ability to reconfigure themselves to distribute pressure by responding to body heat and weight. This allows them to give unsurpassed ability to support a sleeping body evenly. If you are still sitting on the fence undecided about using a memory foam perhaps these are some questions you need to ask.

Question 1: Do I need a memory foam mattress topper?

Answer: Nope not really, you do not “need it” per se unless you are immobilized on your bed for a long time. However a memory foam will help you get better sleep for obvious reasons (elimination of pressure points, less stress on the spine etc).

Sleeping is important, we sleep about a third of our life so making that part of our life comfortable should be a good reason to get one. Plus a goodnight sleep can do wonders to improving the waking part of your life too.

Question 2: Can I afford one?

Answer: Memory foam mattress toppers are not as expensive as they use to be, in fact with improvement in technology, increasing production and greater competition there has been a steady drop in its prices.

Although prices vary considerably depending on thickness, density, additional features etc there are memory foams available to suit just about any reasonable budget.

Question 3: With pets or small children who could wet the bed, is it suitable?

Answer: This is a little difficult to answer. If you have small babies or toddlers using memory foam is not advisable. If you use waterproof covers for your memory foam mattress topper then accidents or spills are not an issue.

Also memory foams can be cleaned or even washed, although doing this can be difficult and you will need to research the methods to clean them.

Question 4: Is a memory foam mattress topper enough to get the benefits of memory foam?

Answer: Memory foam mattress topper can be used on any other type of existing mattress and it is not necessary to have a memory foam mattress to get its benefits. To get the best benefit out of a memory foam mattress topper about 4-5 inch thick topper is sufficient.

Do note that this does depend on the density as well too. With better quality manufacturing these days, 3-4lbs of density is quite sufficient.

Question 5: Are memory foam mattress toppers durable?

This again depends on the quality of the foam you purchase, however it should be of interest to you to know that memory foams are actually the second toughest material out there used for manufacturing mattress or mattress toppers. Memory foams do last for years and most good ones come with a warranty of over 15-20 years.


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